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One way of relaxing is to go to an entertainment joint, club or bar to have or attend an event. Optimum value of this is completed with a good music played through a DJ Studio Media. A virtual DJ studio completes the occasion. It offers basic and advanced tools for DJ features.


Multiple audios: it works with over 9 different songs simultaneously without sound interference.

Volume adjustment: It can control the volume to the desired level with the functions add, remove.

Sound system: The device has a sound board to test and experiment different sounds. The interface has not been labeled hence to get the right sound you need to practice each of them.

Mixer: the sound mixer record audios as well as play the audios to give it quality sound system.

Save: the device has a saving option for recording song names, composers and even input graphics like profile pictures.

This software is flexible and easy to use for karaoke hosting or any event. It produces high quality sound that adds, filters with a customized screen. The sound quality has made this tool on of the the most popular in this category.

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