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Advanced program to view weather

This is a digital weather station in form of a software. It gives details of weather conditions of a place. It displays all the weather elements together with measurements and detailed description. The weather elements include: temperature, wind, sunshine, cloud cover, humidity, atmospheric pressure and rainfall. It is a simple interface with all the details displayed on a window though not very intuitive. Information of each weather element is displayed in full details. Advanced settings of the application allow graphical presentation and comparison with previously recorded weather conditions. 

The graphical presentations have visual effects added on it like color, texture, smoothness, resolution among other. It also has an in-built clock system which can save time and date for the weather conditions recorded. The design of the application is pleasant since it has desktop notifications and display of current weather conditions based on programmed element you wish to display. A more unique feature of the interface is that it is integrated with the online platform and servers to support sharing through various social media networks. 

All the tasks are done with speed. However the interface is a bit complicated for beginners.

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