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Troubleshoot and discover the cause of computer errors"
A review of WhoCrashed by Andrew

Is not a pleasure at all when you see a blue screen or when you are in the middle of editing a document and your computer is going crazy. If you saw these situations, you must know that this tool will help you to identify the problem. You frequently have error messages giving you warning of a computer malfunction and you have no idea on what you need to do. Worry no when tools like WhoCrashed Home Edition are available for your access. You have tried all you can in vain, you have no idea of a genuine expert to help you.

Never mind, install WhoCrashed Home Edition on your system. It will update and install any missing drivers- a major cause of most computer malfunction. More importantly, when you get the die blue screen, the application will prompt the computer to automatically reboot as it runs other diagnostic functions.

Be sure that you have a backup system

You can also do a deliberate crash of your system to allow a proper configuration on areas which require your input in terms of repair. Do this at you risk because it is a trial and error function which might lead to permanent loss of data. To be safe, backup all the data to avoid such a mess.

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