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Make exact copy of USB stick or external HDD"
A review of Win32 Disk Imager by Andrew

It is recommended to keep backups of important files. It is easier to make a full backup of a disk or external storage device. This tool helps you to achieve it. When you want to create a duplicate file from a storage device then Win32 Disk Imager is the best option. The storage device can be either an external hard disk or a USB device. All the tool helps is to provide a backup so as to avoid any loss of data in case of system failure.

This application is simple with no installation; all you need is to run an executable file which is portable. With this, you are sure there are no registries left behind which might fill the system.

You can also carry it on a portable device to use it on various computers. This is not just a copy and paste process, it goes further to write and even copy the bootable files and images for the specified document.

A help file is available just in case you may be stuck along the way. It is the most convenient file not only for back up but also creating a duplicate file with bootable images for it.

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