Win32 Sality Remover

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Remove Win32/Sality virus in Windows

Malware is a headache to any computer user.  It can cause system shutdown and malfunction of software if connected.  A remover is a good investment to protect and safeguard your PC.  Win32 Sality Remover is software that detects, removes, and erases traces of any Sality malware. It is a tool to fight only against this virus.


  • It automatically scans the entire computer system to locate and delete the virus.
  • It detects specific viruses and automatically carries out to locate and remove.
  • It copies the virus to a removable disk.
  • It cleans the process to allow re-installation of the PC.
  • It is efficient in detecting Win32 Sality.
  • It needs other malware removal support tools to fully protect your PC.
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April 18, 2017
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