Win7 MAC Address Changer

Change the MAC address of computer"
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Every network capable device has a unique hardware identifier that is called the MAC address, this address indicates the manufacturer (unique organization identifier) of the device and also gives a unique identifier to the hardware as well. However, for some reasons, the computer user may need to change the MAC address of the network device in a computer. This application allows the user to change the MAC address with minimal hassles. In case you choose to revert your action, the program also allows the user to restore the MAC addresses to default.

Once the program is launched, it lists all the network adapters on the computer along with their MAC addresses. The user can select anyone to change the Mac address. The program prompts the user to choose any supported operating system which are Win 7, Win 8, and Vista. At this stage, you can enter a mac address to replace the existing one. You can also ask the program to choose one for you by clicking on the Randomize button. Simply apply to change the MAC address. However, there is a need to reboot the system or disable and re-enable the adapter for the new mac address to take effect.

Win7 MAC Address Changer is licensed as freeware for PC or laptop with Windows 32 bit and 64 bit operating system. It is in other networking tools category and is available to all software users as a free download.

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Last Updated On
May 21, 2019
Runs on
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8
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