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SFTP, FTP ,SSH and SCP client for Windows

WinSCP is a network utility which allows you to connect various computers in a shared network to allow transfer and receiving of files on the FTP network to enhance file management and organization. Once installed it is easy to use and flexible enough even for beginners. A unique feature of the application is that you can save data in a session for further transfer later when desired. 

The interface has multiple users who can access using log ins for privacy within the network. Once you log in to your account you can access your documents on different PCs without using your own PC and further send them to the FTP server. The application tool support compression of files for batch processing of files and print them from any computer within the network.

 To make comparison of files is possible on the interface since the tool supports synchronization of file components effectively. The tool is integrated with PuTTY as a third party component to perform modifications on the network and further upload on the server. 

As long as the configuration settings are correct WinSCP is a great tool to run transfer and synchronization of files seamlessly on different computers.

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