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Educative game that teaches you to protect wirl animals"
A review of WolfQuest by Andrew

Everyone should love animals. But this is possible if you have a proper education. And an easy way to do this is through games and fun. This is a product of the Minnesota Zoo. It brings the natural habitat of a wolf and how he behaves in the natural environment. This video game emulates the lifestyle of a wolf as he explores the life if a Yellowstone Park.

The only thing you have to know before you continue with the game is how to create and develop a wolf so that you use it to maneuver your way through all the parts of the reserve. On the game, the wolf hunts, rests, and defends itself though fighting as well as fire weapons as a protective measure.

While in the game, the wolf encounters other wild animals which include deer, elk, coyote, and bears in which the wolf has to use the tactics to evade and eventually conquer the territory of the park.

Finally, a unique feature of the software is the chat room which you use gestures as a sign of communication.

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