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An useful mind mapping tool

This is not just a mind mapping tool but also an organizer for brain storming sessions. It is a user-friendly and intuitive interface which offers a variety of functions in relation to mapping of your ideas and thoughts. The brain storming platforms the tool provides helps you to add visual effects to the templates as well as audio notes. All these functions are integrated in a workbook to provide a very unique presentation in form of a work station. 

The documents or files can be saved on storage locations in reality translated as a workbook. The structure of the interface is such that it can incorporate different ideas and thoughts as long as you organize them in a chronological manner which can easily be interpreted. The tasks must be well related to create relevant relationships. The text editor on the interface provides additional information on the ideas. 

Moreover, the interface is integrated with web platforms to provide hyperlinks and attachments to give comprehensive information on the designed maps. This is a tool is interactive and provides practical solutions to visualize your thoughts and ideas in a digital platform.

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