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A simple tool to convert XML to CSV

XML documents are saved most commonly from Web applications and are used to store quite a huge amount of data structures. As such, these files are perfect for storing product information for thousands of products. The problem is that many other applications and mobile devices don’t work with XML files natively. However, they work with the much more CSV file type. So all you have to do to get the data from one place to another is to quickly convert the XML file to a CSV file. Xml ToCsv is the perfect tool for this task.

With few options and a clean user interface, this versatile tool is one hundred percent portable. In other words, no setup is necessary and the program can be run from any removable media with a doubleclick. You can convert a single file at a time, so batch processing is out of the question. You can, however, choose the desired encoding (ASCII, UTF8, Unicode, etc.) The program is able to identify the tables in XML files on its own and exports each one in its own CSV file. 

You can’t select specific tables that will to be converted. Although a bit plain, this is definitely a small application that does what it’s supposed to: convert XML to CSV without errors.

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