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Assign keyboard keys to game controllers

You love to play computer games by either using the keyboard or the mouse. So you want specific keys of your choice to help in gaming. How possible is it? It is possible when you have tools like Xpadder on your device.

Every game comes with a game controller. You love gaming with some specific keys especially when you frequently use them for other games. You can use the same keys for all games even if it is not the default keys on the game.

Xpadder mounts the keys in line with the game to offer the same operation as the inbuilt key functions of the game.

Other functions the toolkit can handle include

  • Toggles
  • Triggers
  • shift sets
  • sequences
  • multiple controllers and many other functions

The founder, Jonathan admits the challenges computer gamers experience. In some game, they are forced to use the functions keys which their placement they are not familiar with. The disadvantage of this is, it reduces the speed of gaming making even a good game boring because of poor performance. You have to concentrate on the positioning of the keys yet you have specific keys which you can use with ease.

It is a simple and intuitive application.

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