Yahoo! Multi Messenger

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Chat using multiple YM accounts in the same time

Social media platforms and Instant Messaging like Yahoo Messaging, Skype and Windows Live have made the chat and the video recordings simple and easy. Initially it was not possible to login on Yahoo Messenger with different IDs. Software developers designed a toolset that allows to login with more than two accounts in the same time onYahoo Messaging. The program comes in handy to solve the challenge in the Yahoo Messaging platform. It allows you to operate many IDs and concurrently chat with all of them online.

Y Multi Messenger is a small- sized application that occupies little hard disc place without compromising the system performance. It is simple with a user-friendly toolkit with easy to run functions. It is software that only supports from Yahoo Messenger versions 8, 9. For a full and comprehensive function of the toolkit you only launch the application once and all the other functions are enabled.

All the running sessions are identified in a tab to avoid misdirection. 

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