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Manage a zoo"
A review of Zoo Tycoon 2 by Andrew

We’ve all wanted to have our very own zoo when we were children. We played with stuffed animals and toys and most of us really succeeded when we imagine we were in a read zoo, playing with real animals. The digital age arrived, and now we can have our own zoo as soon as we install Zoo Tycoon 2. This business simulation game enables players to build a zoo by placing scenery options, hiring zoo employees, expanding animal enclosures and keeping both visitors and animals happy. The finances are a big part of the game because, after all, you need money to feed the animals and expand your thriving little realm. 

You start the game with an empty zoo and the player have to improve the business. However, spend some money and add some animal exhibits, restaurants, ATM machines, bathrooms and other amenities. You will quickly find many visitors – paying, hopefully. You can then start employing people to take care of the animals and take care of the many facilities. Animals require space, food and water, toys, and shelters, so make sure you don’t forget to take care of them. Visitors need a lot of facilities as well, so the work of a zoo tycoon never ends.

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